Scope of support and response times

Scope of support

Included products and services:

  • The vykon/vysoft support is available for vysoft products as a contact for the named application owner (for application-specific inquiries) or the IT department (for infrastructure inquiries) at the customer side

  • The support is not effort-based, insofar as an appropriate maintenance & support agreement was concluded within the scope of the order


  • Technologies that do not originate from vykon/ vysoft and are not a constituent of the delivered installation are not supported by vykon/ vysoft support

Support times

The vykon/vysoft support is available on working days between 9am and 6pm

Severity and response times

The initial response time corresponds to the period of time between submitting the support request and the point in time when you are contacted by a vykon/vysoft support employee and they begin processing your support request. This response time varies depending on the severity of the impact of the issue on business operations.