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vysoft Key Management - key management with a system

We solve the problem of key management and handover with the intelligent cabinet systems from Traka. Our software solutions integrate the advantages

Traka Products are leaders in the management of keys, vehicle documents and valuables.

Bring order to the key chaos. Ensure that access to cars or property is by advance booking only. Provide a booking and access facility without personnel costs, 24 hours / 7 days a week.

The more keys there are in circulation, the more difficult it is to keep track of them. Key handover in particular is a tremendous problem for many organizations. Key systems such as the ones for buildings or vehicle fleets are almost impossible to manage manually in an efficient way these days, and tremendous administrative costs and security gaps quickly arise.

You can manage and store all your keys in a secure and clear way with the Traka key cabinet systems integrated in vysoft FMS. The removal and return of a key is always automatically validated and documented. The key can only be picked up after booking in advance.

Key cabinets, maintenance-free, RFID

The Touch modular key cabinet system is available in all sizes - for 20, 60 or 180 slots

Depending on requirements, small, compact or even large systems with room for several thousand keys can be configured.

The space-saving and modular design provides maximum capacity in a small space, and offers the potential to adapt the system to the premises or expand it at a later date.

Identification takes place via a terminal and an RFID tag

The system checks whether a person is currently authorised to remove a key. If so, the cabinet can be opened and the key can be removed. All of the other keys remain locked.

The RFID tags can optionally also be attached to the driving license, which means that identification and driving license monitoring can be combined. If the RFID tag is removed from the driving license, the built-in chip becomes inoperable.

Access terminal RFID, integrated driving license monitoring

Application example: Integrated key management and driving license monitoring for pool vehicles in vysoft FMS

  • The driver books a vehicle for Monday morning at 9.00 am in vysoft FMS.

  • From 8.45 am on the day of booking, the driver can identify himself at the terminal using the RFID tag attached to his driving license.

  • By means of this procedure, the driver has proven that he is in possession of a driving license (regular driving license check).

  • The system checks whether the driver has booked a vehicle and, if so, allows the vehicle key to be removed.

  • After the trip, the key is returned using the same procedure. Removal and return are both logged in vysoft FMS.

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