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A demo says more than a thousand words. Evaluate our software for managing your car park without obligation by obtaining quick and easy access to our information package or a demo.

Modern resource booking, seamlessly integrated in your M365 or MS Teams infrastructure

Advantages of using a SharePoint-based solution for parking space management

With consistent, digital processes, vysoft PSM provides clear and efficient allocation of parking spaces:

Desk sharing software: Improve use of space

Optimise parking space usage - reduce costs

Arbeitsplatz Buchungskonflikte vermeiden

Avoid conflicts by means of additional transparency

Software Desk Sharing: Ausstattung und Kollegen finden/ Teamarbeit

Find your preferred parking space

Software Desk Sharing: als Teil des Intranets Abläufe optimieren

Automate processes, booking also via APP

Software Desk Sharing: Buchen Vorort, am Kiosk-Display, am Arbeitsplatz oder per Mobile Application

AD-HOC or permanent booking

Key features of our SharePoint solution for parking space management:

  • Efficient and easy to use
    Make a booking in just a few steps! Reserve date and favourite parking space. Done!

  • Easy processing of booking requests
    For example, reception can process the current requests, and the guest/applicant receives an automated notification by email

  • Configurable shifts
    e.g. morning, afternoon, all day

  • Flexible role/authorization concept
    Access rights are assigned depending on the area of responsibility (role), the organizational unit or the location/client

  • Intelligent search and filter functions
    The search for a parking space can be based on features (accessibility, e-charging station, maximum height) or on a specific parking level

  • Recurring bookings
    The number of bookings that can be made in advance is configurable. Multiple bookings can be made in a single step

  • Multilingualism
    vysoft PSM is available in English and German as standard. Other languages can be configured

  • Booking history
    All bookings are logged and are traceable

  • Booking also via app
    Easy and quick booking is also possible via an app while on the move

  • Meaningful evaluations/statistics
    about utilisation or for distribution, for example

  • Various hosting options
    The application is available via your own Intranet or as a cloud solution

  • Single Sign On
    connection to the company-internal Active Directory

Essential activities supported by our SharePoint solution for parking space management

Software Desk Sharing: Arbeitsplatz von unterwegs per Mobile Application buchen

Book on the move using your mobile phone

Simply book a parking space on your mobile phone on the way to work.

Software Desk Sharing: Arbeitsplätze von der Ausstattung abhängig buchen

Search for parking spaces which fulfil certain criteria

Do you need a barrier-free parking space, a secure parking space or an integrated e-charging station? No problem!

Software Desk Sharing: Arbeiten Sie im Team an einem Projekt und buchen Sie die Schreibtische entsprechend

Efficient booking request processing

vysoft PSM generates suggestion lists and takes prioritisations into consideration

Software Desk Sharing : Mitarbeiter und Gäste leiten

Allocate the optimum parking space to employees and guests

Make it easier to find the right parking space

Software Desk Sharing: Permanentbuchungen, Arbeitsplätze langzeit buchen

Permanent bookings

Depending on the user authorizations, parking spaces can be assigned for a long or unrestricted period of time

Software Desk Sharing: Serienbuchungen

Make multiple bookings

Reserve a specific parking space for several days in a single operation

Software Desk Sharing: Reporting und Auswertungen

Produce evaluations

Flexible reporting, e.g. on throughput times or the status of processes and finances.

vysoft PSM product screenshots

Parking Space Management Parking space search Screenshot
Parking Space Management Self-service plan view Parking space search

vysoft PSM Mobile Application product screenshots

Parking space request
Define parking space management request
Parking space management cancel request
Parking space management - booking details

Areas of application

  • Companies, authorities, non-profit organizations

  • Parking space management

  • Co-working

  • Parking space search app

  • Flexible parking reservation

  • Digital management

  • Book a parking space

  • Car park software

  • Parking space booking software

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