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vysoft wireless E-Paper displays

Our e-paper displays show the current availability of the workplace or room and enable booking via QR tag

Digital workplace signage, desk sharing

Book the workplace or room directly on site. The wireless vysoft e-paper displays show availability and offer an booking option via QR tag. The room or desk can be booked or released very efficiently using your mobile phone..

vysoft E-Paper Displays properties

  • Wireless
  • 7.5 inch, 800x480 or 4.2 inch, 400x300/p>

  • Integrated LEDs for status display

  • Country/Regional Settings
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0

Digital desk signage, touch display, attached to desk

Leave a good impression

Digital workplace displays and door signs, combined with an event overview on a large-format display in the foyer, help to make a professional and modern impression on your guests and visitors.

Desk sharing, highly efficient and modern

Make more efficient use of space and resources

Improve the utilization of your work places and meeting rooms by enabling ad hoc bookings on site and immediate release, e.g. via QR tag. This means that work places are booked and released reliably and efficiently. vysoft DSM can be configured so that unused work places are released again after a certain period of time. If an employee leaves their desk earlier than planned, this can be marked on the E-Paper display. The work place will be available again immediately. This optimizes utilization and helps you make optimal use of the space /p>

digitale Arbeitsplatzbeschilderung Montage
Desk Sharing Displays
Desk Sharing Touch Displays

Application examples

  • Display of the availability of a workplace or room

  • Booking a workplace on site using an RFID card

  • Check-In

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