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With our Desk Sharing Management (DSM) you can flexibly book workplaces, manage bookings and find the location of your colleagues. Optimise your space management and benefit from modern communication & collaboration techniques.

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Modern resource booking, seamlessly integrated in your M365 or MS Teams infrastructure

Benefits from using a SharePoint-based solution for desk sharing

vysoft DSM ensures transparent and efficient workplace assignment and occupancy with consistent, digital processes:

Desk sharing software: Improve use of space

Optimise use of space and reduce costs

Avoid workplace booking conflicts

Avoid conflicts by means of additional transparency

Desk sharing software: Find equipment and colleagues/ teamwork

Find equipment and colleagues

Desk sharing software: optimise processes as part of the Intranet

Automate processes, book via RFID

Desk sharing software: Book on site, at the kiosk display, at the workplace or using a mobile application

Book remotely or on site/ad hoc

Key features of our SharePoint solution for desk sharing:

  • Efficient and easy to use
    Make a booking in just a few steps! Select desk and shift. Done!
  • Configurable shifts
    e.g. morning, afternoon, all day
  • Configurable equipment features
    e.g. standing desks, graphics workstations etc.
  • Flexible role/authorization concept
    Access rights are assigned depending on the area of responsibility (role), the organizational unit or the location/client
  • Intelligent search and filter functions
    The search for a workplace takes place on the basis of equipment (standing desk, imac workplace, web conference) or a team or colleague
  • Recurring bookings
    The number of advance bookings that can be made is configurable. Recurring bookings can be carried out in a single step
  • Multilingualism
    vysoft DSM is available in English and German as standard. Other languages can be configured
  • Booking history
    All bookings are logged and are traceable
  • Booking on the kiosk display using an RFID card
    In order to make booking efficient, authentication is carried out on the central kiosk display using an RFID card
  • Booking directly at the desk
    The availability is visible (green LED) using vyDesk displays which are fitted directly to the desk. The booking can be made directly at the workplace using an RFID card
  • Meaningful evaluations/statistics
    about utilisation or for distribution, for example
  • Various hosting options
    The application is available via your own Intranet or as a cloud solution
  • Single Sign On
    connection to the company-internal Active Directory

Essential activities supported by our SharePoint solution for desk sharing

Desk sharing software: Book locally and ad-hoc directly at the desk

Book ad hoc on site

Make bookings directly at your desk using our 3.5" vyDesk touch panel displays. Our displays indicate availability.

Desk sharing software: Book a workplace from the foyer on the kiosk display

Book at the central kiosk system

Book your workplace quickly and easily using an RFID card at the kiosk display in the entrance area.

Desk sharing software: Book a workplace on the move using a mobile application

Book on the move using your mobile phone

Simply use your mobile phone to book a workplace on the way to work.

Desk sharing software: Book workplaces depending on the equipment

Search for workplace which meet certain criteria

Do you need a standing desk or a PC with specific equipment? No problem!

Desk sharing software: Work in a team on a project and book desks accordingly

Work in a team

Find your colleagues' workplaces and book the nearest desk.

dependent : speed up your desk sharing processes

Optimise your processes using RFID technology

Use RFID cards to simplify resource booking.

Desk Sharing software: Manage employees and guests

Manage employees, customers and guests

Make the search for the right location/room easier.

Desk sharing software: Permanent bookings, book workplace for a long period

Permanent bookings

Depending on the user authorizations, workstations can be assigned for a long or unlimited period of time.

Desk sharing software: Recurring bookings

Make recurring bookings

Reserve a specific workplace for several days.

Desk sharing software: Reporting and evaluations

Produce evaluations

Flexible reporting, e.g. on throughput times or the status of processes and finances.

vysoft DSM product screenshots

Desk sharing software: Screenshots / screen copy

vysoft DSM Mobile Application product screenshots

Desk sharing mobile app booking suggestion

Booking suggestion

Desk sharing mobile app booking view

Booking view

Desk sharing mobile app plan view

Plan view

Desk sharing mobile app detail view

Booking details

vysoft DSM Optional hardware product screenshots: vyKiosk and vyDesk

Desk Sharing Touch Panel PC

Areas of application

  • Companies, authorities, non-profit organizations

  • Desk sharing

  • Co-working

  • Workplace booking system

  • Flexible workplace

  • Smart office software

  • Book a desk

  • Flexible office workstation software

  • Office organization

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