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vysoft RMS - the leading software for room and resource management based on MS SharePoint/ Microsoft 365

Integrate your entire room, guest and service provider management in a secure and scalable solution which provides everyone with a great booking experience.

vysoft RMS supports you in organizing and designing meetings. You can use the reservation system to organise room occupancy, seating, technical equipment or catering. The visitor management informs the organiser and reception about the guests to be expected and their status. The integrated digital door signs and foyer displays inform and guide your guests and employees.

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Modern resource booking, seamlessly integrated in your Microsoft 365 or MS Teams infrastructure

The advantages of using vysoft RMS

Integrate the room management in your Intranet in a perfect way. With the same look & feel as other functionalities, such as car pool management, time recording, received invoice management or any other vysoft solution. The benefit is obvious:

Räume besser auslasten

Utilise rooms, reduce costs

Konflikte vermeiden

Avoid conflicts, reduce effort

Mitarbeiter und Gäste informieren

Inform employees and guests

Buchungsprozesse unterstützen

Organise catering and technology

Vorort und Adhoc Buchen

Book on site or by mobile phone

Key features of the room management software

  • Graphical occupancy overview
    Structured display of the rooms and the occupancy - in a daily, weekly, monthly or list view
  • Configurable room reservation
    Structured booking form with configurable approval procedure
  • Multilingual
    German and English as standard
  • Organizational and role-specific authorization concept
  • Intelligent room search
    Using the input form, only the rooms which meet certain criteria are selected (e.g.: capacity, seating, equipment options) and are also available
  • Recurring or alternative dates
    The room availability on the individual dates is clearly displayed when booking

  • Coupling
    Rooms can be booked individually or in combination
  • Hospitality
    Integrated organization of the catering - e.g. with email function to the responsible caterer
  • Lead times and cancellations
    Configurable lead times/cancellations for service providers
  • Visitor management
    Arrange invitations and the reception of guests
  • Billing functionality
    Room use and/or catering
  • Seating management
    With assignment function - including email function to the room technology, for example
  • Media and technology equipment
    Simply book optional technology at the same time
  • Integrated document management
    e.g. for filing an agenda
  • Automated notification functions
    Via email or task list
  • iCalendar invitations
    Meeting participants receive an invitation in standard iCal data format (supported by all of the most popular mail clients)
  • Workflow & Task Management
  • E-mail service
    MS Outlook integration
  • MS Office integration
  • Extensive evaluation functionality
    e.g. for utilisation
  • Flexible hosting
    The application can be operated on the Intranet or in the cloud
  • Single Sign On
    Connection to the corporate directory (Active Directory)

Essential activities supported by our room management software solution

Book rooms

Carry out any type of room booking easily and efficiently. The calendar view includes a day, week, month or list view

Intelligent room search

After specifying the required criteria (e.g. room size, barrier-free, seating or equipment variants), the rooms which are suitable and available are listed

Create recurring appointments

Simply specify the period and the repetitions, after which the availability is immediately visible

Configure locations and rooms

Configure any number of locations and rooms, including a map view

Manage and reserve coupling rooms

Two or more rooms can be configured as a coupling room. The booking of a coupling room takes the occupancy of the components and vice versa into consideration

Invite participants

Invite internal or external guests. The invitations are sent using a standard iCalendar format, and the participant status can be traced at any time

Organise catering

Organise the catering of the guests, choice of several catering options. Communication with the caterer/canteen takes place automatically

Approve bookings

Configurable approval procedures, e.g. in the case of billable external rooms or catering

Manage technology

Order the seating or optional technology

Set up video or web conferences

Send information about the video or web conferences integrated in the context of the invitation

Define room and foyer signage

Guide guests and employees. Our touch displays can do much more than just digital room signage

Mobile Application

Book rooms by mobile phone or digital door sign

View reservations. Book new reservations using your mobile phone or directly via the digital door sign

Open doors

Open doors with an RFID card or QR tag. Everything is possible in combination with our electronic door signs

Check in

Register for a meeting on site and thereby log the actual utilisation

Produce evaluations

Room occupancy, costs per department, bookings during the period, etc. standardised or ad hoc

Room and resource management software product screenshots

Mobile day view
Mobile device booking
Booking form

Areas of application

  • Meeting room

  • Doctor's room

  • Therapy room

  • Community room

  • Classroom

  • Office space

  • Group room

  • Town hall

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