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The most important room booking system requirements

The following functions are specified time and time again within the context of room management software

  • The rooms must be able to be categorised depending on the usage area of the room, e.g. meeting room, video conference room etc.

  • The room booking system must allow rooms to be linked, so that two rooms can be used/managed as one large room, for example

  • Occupancy plans must be available online

  • The room attributes must be easy to expand

  • Equipment features for rooms must be created in the system or be able to be configured for the respective rooms

  • The room management system must have a document management function, so that usage instructions for special rooms can be stored in PDF format, for example

  • The system must provide a graphical overview of the rooms and their occupancy, on the basis of a selectable period of time

  • A workflow should be triggered in connection with the reservation of rooms to allow approval/scheduling for special rooms/resources, for example

  • The room reservation system should support e-mail notification to facility management or the canteen, for example

  • When a room is reserved, predefined parameters must be taken into consideration such as the number of participants or the video conference equipment

  • Set-up times should be predefined or predefined in connection with rooms or seating arrangements, and taken into consideration in the occupancy

  • Public holidays must be visible in the system

  • The room management must make reservation from the Outlook appointment calendar possible

  • Recurring bookings must be possible

  • The system must be connected to the corporate directory service (Active Directory) to allow automatic registration (single sign-on) or to automatically take over personal information (e.g. name, department)

  • Information monitors must be supported

  • The room booking software be barrier-free for the end user

  • The system must have comprehensive evaluation functionality

  • It must be possible to integrate the room management software in the Intranet