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Software solutions based on MS SharePoint - on premises or for Microsoft 365

With the vysoft software solutions, you can simplify or automate your work processes, speed up your company-internal information flows, relieve employees of bureaucracy, and network your locations in a better way. The applications consist of numerous modules which are individually configured and adapted to your specific content and procedures.

Multiple award-winning software solutions

TOP SERVICE - Deutsches Innovationsinstitut für Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung
TOP SERVICE - Deutsches Innovationsinstitut für Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung
Kundenfeedback Software Lösungen

Customer feedback & awards

We use modern technologies to provide our customers with excellent solutions. These endeavours are not only appreciated by our users.

What we are proud of

Development and support in the D-A-CH region

The vysoft product portfolio for Microsoft 365 or MS SharePoint

Software solutions based on MS SharePoint for resource management: Car pool management, room management, key management

Resource Management Software

Desk sharing

Book shared desks on site or on the move
Details of vysoft DSM

Room management

For organizing meetings and their equipment
Details of vysoft RMS

Car parking management

Request/book parking spaces for employees or visitors
Details of vysoft PSM

Car pool management

For optimal management of car pool or company vehicles, drivers and everything that goes with it
Details of vysoft FMS

Software solutions based on MS SharePoint for personnel administration: Digital personnel file, operational reintegration management, time recording

Software personnel management

Digital personnel file

The products in this category are only available in German speaking countries

Software solutions based on MS SharePoint for the social economy: Emergency quarters and client administration, therapy management and support management

Social economy software

Support management

The products in this category are only available in German speaking countries



The advantages of software solutions based on MS SharePoint
Can be 100%

integrated in your Intranet


infrastructure for all solutions and therefore low operating costs


alternative usage/operation models: On premises, managed hosting, Microsoft 365 - therefore highly flexible

Minimal setup time of 2 hours

by means of installation script and parametrised setup


Software solutions which prepare you for the digital age

The digital transformation is making new demands of the competencies of companies. We help you to shape changes in a positive way, and use them to your advantage.

Strategy & Processes

Structure and processes are used to achieve goals.

User benefits

The users are the main focus of our considerations.

Design & Development

Our methods are under continuous development so that we can constantly achieve better results for you.

Performance & Security

The latest technologies and a considerable amount of expertise so that IT security does not hinder performance.


We ensure that the technical requirements are fully implemented and the systems remain maintainable and flexibly expandable.

User friendly

Each form and each workflow fulfils specific requirements, since we take individual needs into consideration

Clever features

Optimum MS Office integration, standards such as iCalendar and flexible interfaces are a matter of course in our software applications

Have we awakened your interest?

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