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Room reservation and resource management software for efficient meeting organisation

Successfully plan and carry out meetings with the vysoft RMS room reservation system

vysoft RMS helps you to plan and implement training courses or meetings. Room selection in accordance with specific criteria, room occupancy with the required seating or standing room and the specific layout thereof, technical equipment and also catering can be organised quickly and easily using the room reservation system. The integrated guest management informs the organiser and reception about the participation status of the guests. Connected digital signage using touch panel displays informs and guides all participants from the entrance hall to the meeting room.

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Modern resource booking, seamlessly integrated in your Microsoft 365 or MS Teams infrastructure

In control at all times with the vysoft RMS room reservation system:

The vysoft room reservation system and numerous other vysoft applications for a wide range of application areas can be integrated into your Intranet with ease - all with the same look & feel! The advantages are obvious:

Räume besser auslasten

Increase your room occupancy and reduce your costs

Konflikte vermeiden

Avoid conflicts, reduce the amount of effort

Mitarbeiter und Gäste informieren

Inform and guide participants

Buchungsprozesse unterstützen

Prepare catering and media

Vorort und Adhoc Buchen

Direct and immediate booking

The essential functions of the vysoft room reservation system at a glance

  • Graphical display of room occupancy
    The occupancy of the rooms is clearly displayed in a daily, weekly, monthly or list view.

  • Editable room reservation
    Clearly designed booking form with configurable approval workflow

  • Approval is given on an organisation and role-specific basis

  • Smart search queries
    Various features such as barrier-free, room size, seating and media equipment can be selected in the reservation form. As a result, only bookable rooms that fulfil the previously selected criteria are displayed.

  • Recurring appointments
    In the event of recurring appointments, such as weekly regular meetings or monthly area management meetings, room availability on all of the required dates is taken into account during booking, and displayed in a structured manner.

  • Room linking
    Several rooms can be booked individually or linked together

  • Catering
    Different catering options can be selected in the booking form. Notification is sent directly to the canteen or the caterer when the booking is made.

  • Participant organisation
    Invitations can be sent to visitors, and the reception of the visitors can be managed directly from the room reservation system

  • Billing module
    Any costs that are incurred for use of the room and/or hospitality can be billed directly

  • Seating management
    The seating that is required can be ordered directly when the booking is approved. The facility management receives an order notification directly with the order, taking conversion times into consideration.

  • IT equipment
    Any media and technology that are required are ordered directly in the booking form and ordered automatically from the relevant departments after approval has been given if necessary.

  • Document management
    An uncomplicated filing system using drag & drop makes it easier to exchange required documents such as an agenda or documents which are required for preparation

  • Automated notification functions
    by email or using a task list

  • Standardised invitations
    The meeting participants receive an invitation in iCalendar data format (supported by MS Outlook, Lotus Notes and Thunderbolt/Lightning and others)

  • Workflow management and task overview

  • E-mail service with MS Outlook incorporation

  • Inclusion of MS Office applications

  • Meaningful statistics
    for capacity utilisation and requirement analysis, for example

  • Different hosting options
    The application is available via your own Intranet or as a cloud solution

  • Single Sign On
    Connection to the company's own Active Directory

Important characteristics of the vysoft room reservation software

Find rooms

Find and reserve the right room in a quick and uncomplicated way. The appointment selection has a daily, weekly, monthly or list view

Intelligent room reservation

After selecting the required room characteristics (e.g. capacity, barrier-free, seating or equipment options), only rooms which are available and fulfil the selected criteria are displayed for selection.

Select recurring appointment

After selecting the repetition cycle and the appointment period, the rooms which are available are clearly displayed

Edit dependencies and rooms

Locations and rooms can be created and configured in multiple ways

Book and manage coupling rooms

Two or more rooms can be reserved as coupling rooms. When a coupling room is reserved, the occupancy of the constituents is checked and vice versa

Invite guests

Internal and external participants alike are invited using an e-mail that is automatically created during reservation. The e-mail invitations are sent using a standardised iCalendar format, and the status of the invited guests is viewable at all times

Order food & drink

The catering for the participants can be organised quickly and easily using the booking form. You can choose from different catering options depending on the customer's requirements. When a room is being reserved, an order can be placed automatically with the canteen or a caterer who is stored in the system, or an approval process can be kicked off

Room reservation approval

In the case of bookings that incur costs for catering or external rooms, for example, an approval procedure can be kicked off automatically

Equipment bookings

You can choose from different seating options or technology options in the order form.

Send invitations to video or web conferences

Information about video or web conferencing options can be sent to external participants directly with the invitation

Welcome screen / Information screen solutions

The participants are welcomed and guided professionally using connected information screen solutions

Digital door opening

Open the doors conveniently via the room display using an RFID card or QR tag

Checking in

The participants can check in digitally on site so that the actual occupancy can be logged

Evaluations and statistics

Statistics regarding room occupancy, costs per department, booking periods etc., either standardised or ad hoc

More information about room reservation and meeting management

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Usage areas

  • Meeting room

  • Doctor’s surgery

  • Therapy room

  • Community room

  • Classroom

  • Office room

  • Group room

  • Community centre

Have we awakened your interest?

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