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The biggest car pool management mistakes

If one of the following points applies to your solution or project, it should be critically examined

  • The solution is an isolated solution which is not or hardly integrated with other systems such as the Intranet or the Active Directory (company personnel directory).

  • The car pool management has no or insufficient interfaces to adjoining systems (e.g. fuel cards, cost accounting).

  • Important information is missing in the car pool management (defects, damage, equipment features etc.).

  • The investment or maintenance costs for the vehicles cannot be recorded completely and easily (purchasing, refuelling, maintenance, taxes etc.).

  • The software solution does not support deadline monitoring (tyre changes, TÜV/ASU (MOT/emissions test) examinations which are due and inspections/service).

  • The mileage is not up-to-date or the odometer readings/trips cannot be maintained in an easy and efficient way.

  • The reservation function is complex, important attributes within the context of the reservation are missing (e.g. business trip vs. private trip).

  • The driver administration is incomplete, the driving license classes are not queried.

  • The solution does not include any document management, meaning that copies of car documents or driving licenses, for example, cannot be stored in connection with the vehicles and the drivers.

  • Possession of a valid driving license is not checked at regular intervals, or the system does not provide any relevant support functions/interfaces (electronic driving license monitoring).