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The most important car pool management requirements

The following functions are repeatedly specified in connection with car pool management software

  • It must be possible to create and configure vehicles. Selection lists should be available for this purpose, which can be maintained by the application administrator and improve the evaluation capability

  • In connection with vehicle management, documents must be able to be filed, e.g. scanned purchase agreements, invoices, vehicle papers, TÜV certificates etc.

  • It must be possible to log damage and defects in the system.

  • It should be possible to manage leasing agreements. There must be a reminder function for the upcoming expiry of a leasing contract.

  • When a new company car is being selected, the position of the employee must be taken into consideration so that only certain vehicle models/classes are available for selection.

  • It must be possible to manage and evaluate repair costs, fuel costs and other costs. Import interfaces must be available for the most commonly-used fuel cards (e.g. via a CSV file).

  • Appointment monitoring: It must be possible to store appointments in the system (tyre change, TÜV or ASU (MOT or emission test) due, first-aid kit expired etc.). Adherence to these deadlines must be supported by a reminder function (e.g. by e-mail).

  • The system must have a slimmed-down logbook to guarantee the traceability of mileages.

  • It must be easy to reserve vehicles, and the reservation must include additional attributes such as "business or private".

  • The person/driver management must be linked to the Active Directory.

  • It must be possible to manage the driving license classes of potential drivers.

  • The system must support a regular confirmation process for validating driving licenses, e.g. electronic driving license monitoring.

  • In connection with the reservation, it must be checked whether the person still has a valid driving license for the vehicle.

  • Copies of driving licenses or other documents must be able to be filed within the context of a driver.

  • Administrative offences and damage caused by a driver should be able to be stored in the car pool management.

  • The system must have comprehensive evaluation functionality.